Who doesn’t love vacations? And there is no doubt that traveling is the best way to spend holidays. As a matter of fact, people take off from their busy schedule just to go on a tour with friends or family. Even many companies give their employees off for a short time to spend a quality vacation.

If you are an amateur but fond of traveling, like my friend over at who recommended a couple of these places then we have something for you. We will tell you the top four places that you should definitely visit. The first traveling experience matters a lot because if someone had a bad experience, the interest in traveling would slowly die for that person. But if someone had a good experience, the interest will increase, and next time that person wants to explore more beautiful places.


We start the list with Matera, because, why not? This city is built into the rock of a ravine in Italy. One of the best places for an immersive experience for the beginners. Matera is famous for the Sassi. People, all around the globe, come to Matera for Sassi. It has a troglodyte cave where people lived in darkness in the mid-20th century. Furthermore, you will also enjoy the galleries, restaurants, and not to mention the cave hotels of Sassi.


If you are a wine lover, then you will love Valle De Guadalupe. From the American border to the Baja California, you can visit one of the best architect-designed tasting places of wine. In 2012, one of the best chefs, Javier Plascencia, set up a wine tasting place. Today, that wine place isn’t just for wine tasting, but you will also get to order food from the outdoor grill restaurant, eat tacos from Airstream tortas truck, and have ice-cream from the ice-cream shop.


New Orleans is one of the best cities where you can feel the sensory overload. You can get stale cigarettes, spilt rum, warm beignets, and wafts of chicory in the same breath. Furthermore, the hotels in this place are fantastic. You won’t find such amazing hotels in many travelling areas. If you visit New Orleans, do check out the Old Times-Picayune printing press near the French Quarter as well as Maison de la Luz in the Warehouse District, one of the top-notch places to explore in New Orleans.


Last but not least, we all have watched the Tasmania cartoon in our childhoods, its time to bring back that memory. One of the gorgeous coastlines which have wilderness lodges. Not to mention the beautiful arts venue that made Tasmania as one of the most amazing places to visit. The best time to visit Tasmania is during summers (which is between December and February). In summers, this place has the most comfortable temperature so that you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities on this island.  

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