Visiting beautiful villages is like eating the icing of cake from your finger. There are not so many eye-pleasing villages on Earth. When we talk about travelling, we mostly think of beautiful cities, dark caves, dazzling forests, glorious mountains, etc. We rarely talk about villages because there are not so many villages that you can find. That is why today, we will tell you the top 4 amazing villages that you should include in your travelling list.

1.   Popeye Village, Malta

You will be surprised to know that Popeye village was once vamped up in 80’s movie set. After that, it was abandoned but not for a long time. Today, you get to experience a colourful collection of buildings made out of wood, fun activities, and a company of actors. You can go for a boat ride, explore the village, or even enjoy the wine tasting while your kids are busy at the playhouse.

2.   Hallstatt, Austria

You might have come across Hallstatt photographs on social media. The reason is that it is one of the fascinating villages in our world. This village is situated between a mountain and a sea. Actually, it is nestled between the Dachstein mountains and the Hallstätter See. Furthermore, you will get to see delicate old churches, a museum with ancient artefacts (7,000-year old to be precise), a subterranean Salt Lake, and another lake that looks like glass against the astonishing backdrop of lofty mountains.

3.   Simiane La Rotonde, France

Surrounded by lavender fields and olive groves, Simiane La Rotonde is a hilltop village and no wonder one of the best villages you will ever experience. It is in the south of France. The beauty of this village lies in the narrow cobblestone streets as well as the stone house. In addition, you will not only enjoy the scents as well as colours from different flowers (located nearby Abbey of Valsaintes garden), but you will get to have a tour of the medieval castle. This village is a jackpot for anyone who loves history.

4.   Cinque Terre, Italy

Do you know that Cinque Terre means five lands in English? Now you must have guessed that this village has five lands and your guess is right. This village consists of five different fishing lands, and each of them has a lovely coastal as well as mountain trails. Not to mention that there are some of the rarest as well as old fashion building. You will feel as if you travelled to the past.


If you are a travelling lover, then you must visit these villages. When you hear the word village, you must be thinking that a farm with some animals but a village is completely different than what you think. You will get to check some fantastic architecture, museums, mountains, valleys, and many more. Nature is always beautiful, and if you want to experience nature, you should head to a beautiful village and experience that beautiful Mother nature.

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