Who doesn’t love vacations? And there is no doubt that traveling is the best way to spend holidays. As a matter of fact, people take off from their busy schedule just to go on a tour with friends or family. Even many companies give their employees off for a short time to spend a quality vacation.

If you are an amateur but fond of traveling, like my friend over at who recommended a couple of these places then we have something for you. We will tell you the top four places that you should definitely visit. The first traveling experience matters a lot because if someone had a bad experience, the interest in traveling would slowly die for that person. But if someone had a good experience, the interest will increase, and next time that person wants to explore more beautiful places.


We start the list with Matera, because, why not? This city is built into the rock of a ravine in Italy. One of the best places for an immersive experience for the beginners. Matera is famous for the Sassi. People, all around the globe, come to Matera for Sassi. It has a troglodyte cave where people lived in darkness in the mid-20th century. Furthermore, you will also enjoy the galleries, restaurants, and not to mention the cave hotels of Sassi.


If you are a wine lover, then you will love Valle De Guadalupe. From the American border to the Baja California, you can visit one of the best architect-designed tasting places of wine. In 2012, one of the best chefs, Javier Plascencia, set up a wine tasting place. Today, that wine place isn’t just for wine tasting, but you will also get to order food from the outdoor grill restaurant, eat tacos from Airstream tortas truck, and have ice-cream from the ice-cream shop.


New Orleans is one of the best cities where you can feel the sensory overload. You can get stale cigarettes, spilt rum, warm beignets, and wafts of chicory in the same breath. Furthermore, the hotels in this place are fantastic. You won’t find such amazing hotels in many travelling areas. If you visit New Orleans, do check out the Old Times-Picayune printing press near the French Quarter as well as Maison de la Luz in the Warehouse District, one of the top-notch places to explore in New Orleans.


Last but not least, we all have watched the Tasmania cartoon in our childhoods, its time to bring back that memory. One of the gorgeous coastlines which have wilderness lodges. Not to mention the beautiful arts venue that made Tasmania as one of the most amazing places to visit. The best time to visit Tasmania is during summers (which is between December and February). In summers, this place has the most comfortable temperature so that you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities on this island.  …


Visiting beautiful villages is like eating the icing of cake from your finger. There are not so many eye-pleasing villages on Earth. When we talk about travelling, we mostly think of beautiful cities, dark caves, dazzling forests, glorious mountains, etc. We rarely talk about villages because there are not so many villages that you can find. That is why today, we will tell you the top 4 amazing villages that you should include in your travelling list.

1.   Popeye Village, Malta

You will be surprised to know that Popeye village was once vamped up in 80’s movie set. After that, it was abandoned but not for a long time. Today, you get to experience a colourful collection of buildings made out of wood, fun activities, and a company of actors. You can go for a boat ride, explore the village, or even enjoy the wine tasting while your kids are busy at the playhouse.

2.   Hallstatt, Austria

You might have come across Hallstatt photographs on social media. The reason is that it is one of the fascinating villages in our world. This village is situated between a mountain and a sea. Actually, it is nestled between the Dachstein mountains and the Hallstätter See. Furthermore, you will get to see delicate old churches, a museum with ancient artefacts (7,000-year old to be precise), a subterranean Salt Lake, and another lake that looks like glass against the astonishing backdrop of lofty mountains.

3.   Simiane La Rotonde, France

Surrounded by lavender fields and olive groves, Simiane La Rotonde is a hilltop village and no wonder one of the best villages you will ever experience. It is in the south of France. The beauty of this village lies in the narrow cobblestone streets as well as the stone house. In addition, you will not only enjoy the scents as well as colours from different flowers (located nearby Abbey of Valsaintes garden), but you will get to have a tour of the medieval castle. This village is a jackpot for anyone who loves history.

4.   Cinque Terre, Italy

Do you know that Cinque Terre means five lands in English? Now you must have guessed that this village has five lands and your guess is right. This village consists of five different fishing lands, and each of them has a lovely coastal as well as mountain trails. Not to mention that there are some of the rarest as well as old fashion building. You will feel as if you travelled to the past.


If you are a travelling lover, then you must visit these villages. When you hear the word village, you must be thinking that a farm with some animals but a village is completely different than what you think. You will get to check some fantastic architecture, museums, mountains, valleys, and many more. Nature is always beautiful, and if you want to experience nature, you should head to a beautiful village and experience that beautiful Mother nature.…


Life is hard. Nobody said life is going to be easy. Sometimes, people get depressed from their lifestyle. To prevent depression, travelling is one of the best remedies. Going to a different place with a different atmosphere will not only refresh you, but it will boost your metabolism. We all need a time in which we can take a break. Not every time things work in the way you think, and that is why it becomes necessary for someone to take out time from their busy life and either go for a long drive or travel.

How Travelling Affects Your Health

We all know depression kills. Almost many diseases originate from depression. Travelling is one of the best remedies to eliminate depression. When you travel to new places, you start to feel excited and happy. It means you forget all the negative thoughts that develop depression. At that moment, all you think is how to enjoy. Going to beautiful places, eating many varieties of food from different places, this all helps you to overcome that sadness or negative thinking cloud.

Furthermore, it also challenges you. You start to feel more aware as well as you become more optimistic about your life. In addition, you start to think more clearly and become confident in all your abilities. In short, you will be ready for all the challenges, hurdles, and responsibilities that you will face in future.

How Travelling Can Affect Your Personality

Going to new places, getting involved in outdoor activities, and meeting with new people can affect your personality. When you meet new people from different cultures, you start to adopt their traditions. It means you will end up owning a new personality. Moreover, you can learn a lot of new things.

You will be surprised to know that you are also building your confidence in this process. So, even if you are a shy person or an introvert, travelling can help you to find your confidence. Taking to strangers, taking part in their rituals or activities helps you to become confident. You will start to make friends, and hence you start to become more confident. Not to mention, you are making amazing memories. Travelling is all about making amazing memories. So, no matter how hectic was your day, remembering these memories will surely bring a smile on your face.


No wonder, our lives are busy. Even animals’ life is busy, hunting down their prey or hiding from their predator and finding food. Having a busy life is good, but sometimes it makes us tired. You start to hate your life, and this builds depression. It means that time has come that you should take a break and do something fun. Travelling isn’t just a hobby, but it is a remedy for people who have depression. Travelling also affect our personality as well as life. If you never travelled before then, this is a perfect time because why not?…


If you are fond of travelling, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, then you came to the right place. We know that you want to travel the whole world; however, this requires a lot of money. One of the biggest concerns of travelers is to save money as much as they can. Fortunately, there are a few places that don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can spend months on those incredible places without spending thousands of dollars.

1.   Vietnam

One of the most budget-friendly regions in Asia is Vietnam. If you are a backpacker and you don’t want to spend more than $30 per day, than this place is the best for you. However, getting the visa might cost, but don’t let that put you off.

Vietnam is famous for its street food. Just for $2, you can get many things. Not to mention that the food taste appetizing, and there is a variety of foods that you can get just under $5. Furthermore, there are many places to travel to Vietnam. The country offers you everything from magnificent hills of Ha Giang to trekking to boat ride in the Mekong Delta. No wonder Vietnam is one of the cheapest as well as a fantastic place to visit.

2.   Myanmar

Another name for Myanmar is Burma. Burma is not like other Southeast Asia countries because it opened its tourism industry in the last decade. You might not like the infrastructure as well as the roads. However, there are many beautiful places and some fun activities in Burma.

Myanmar might be a little bit expensive than other Southeast Asian but still affordable. The services are cheap such as tours, transportations, accommodations, etc. You can start your journey from Yangon and Mandalay, which are popular places for tourists. If you have time and love hiking, then from Kalaw, you can hike your way to Inle Lake. The hiking level is moderate, and you can complete it in three days.

3.   Cambodia

Cambodia is a country where many tourists return. The reason is that Cambodia offers so much for its visitors. From the vibrancy of the Phnom Pehn (capital of Cambodia) to the beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville, you will have a lot of fun. Furthermore, if you visit Cambodia, you should try the street food. Each meal will cost you under $2, so make sure that your stomach is empty. Not to mention that most of their services are cheap, which you can easily afford it.

4.   India

Last but not least, there are so many reasons why you should visit India, and one of them is that it is a very cheap place to visit. Furthermore, you will surely love the weather there. You can stay as long as you like because almost all of their services are cheap. At first, you might don’t like India because of the noise and overcrowding. As you spend more time, you will start to adjust to that environment. India is famous for its spices, that is why you should visit their food street. You can get food from $1.5 to $100. No matter how good you had food before, after having a meal in India, you will have a different experience which you will surely love.…

London versus Los Angeles. Which one do you prefer?

You need to choose between two large cities for your next holiday destination. The two cities are London and Los Angeles. You can only go to one of them, so, which one will you choose?

There are a couple of things that you need to consider before you can decide which one you are going to choose. Some people prefer one city over the other one. But which one will you choose? These are some comparisons, to make it easier for you to choose your destination.


The first thing to consider is the weather. If this is warm weather that you are looking for, then you should consider Los Angeles. They have mostly hot weather throughout the year. Even their winters are warmer than most other countries.

In London, you will feel the four different seasons. Their summers aren’t as hot, and their winters are really cold. So, if you don’t mind the cold, or looking for a cooler city, then London is the place to consider. 

Beach location

The one city has the beach and the other one doesn’t. So, if you want to have the bonus of enjoying the beach and ocean as well as a great city, then you only have one choice. Yes, we are talking about Los Angeles. They have the beach and hot weather. 

But, just because London doesn’t have a beach, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t a city to consider. There are many things that you can still enjoy and that is making London different than Los Angeles. 


Both London and Los Angeles have great attractions. For sure it has Los Angeles a bit more, because of the beach as well. But London has just as many attractions that you will not find at any other place.

So, you should make sure about what type of attractions you like, and then it will be easier to choose the right destination.  


London has a really great public transport system. Many locals don’t even own a vehicle because of the great transportation systems. However, Los Angeles doesn’t have a great public transport system and you will need to make use of private car hire to get around. 

Now, you will be able to make sure that you know which city you would like to visit. They are both equally great, unique and have their beauty and great attractions. You need to make sure that you know what you like, and what you want to enjoy during your holiday.